Kuhn versus Popper

Computer Art and the Question of Authenticity: Applying a Research Method   In the following entry I intend to analyse whether the information discovered further to the lecture covering Popper and Kuhn are relevant to my developing research plan. The assessment of the philosophers statements can be divided in to 3 broad areas: Firstly, whether […]

Margaret Bodin – Authenticity and Computer Art

Margaret Boden opens her authoritative essay on computer art with, ‘it is often seen as inauthentic, even strictly impossible, because it lacks certain essential features of genuine art. For instance, it’s said that computers don’t have emotions; that any work of art is a human communication rooted in human experience; that computer art isn’t unique, […]

Cybernetics and Art by Edward Shanken

Cybernetics and Art: Cultural Convergence in the 1960s Edward A. Shanken http://www.artexetra.com/CyberArtExc.html A dream of technical control and of instant information conveyed at unthought-of velocities haunted Sixties culture. The wired, electronic outlines of a cybernetic society became apparent to the visual imagination—an immediate future … drastically modernized by the impact of computer science. It was […]

Bits in Motion

Early British Computer –Generated Art Film Program notes for an event held 07/03/2006 The event was supported by the London Centre for Arts and Cultural Enterprise, Birkbeck University of London and held in conjunction with the Computer Arts Society. The event was a screening of rare and little-known works from the beginnings of British computer […]