Stirling-Maxwell’s Connection to the North Atlantic Slave Trade

A study of Pollock Houses’ Walled Garden to Reveal a Hidden History to the Slave Trade Pollok Estate and its financial associations with the North Atlantic slave trade. Preliminary research reveals that Scotland was complicit in the trade of goods manufactured by African slaves during the colonial period, up to Abolition 1833.[1] Many Glasgow locations and […]

Changing methods of Interpretation: Barnett Newman’s ‘The Wild’

This article examines in what ways and for what reasons have established approaches to the interpretation of works of art been challenged since the 1970s? The article will focus on Barnett Newman’s 1950 work, The wild, and will compare two essays, firstly by Lisa Frye Ashe, and then by Michael Schreyach. The ‘beholders involvement’ is […]

Beyond the Binary: Postcolonial Cybernetics and Scottish Identity

This post examines the issue of Scottish national identity using a theoretical framework drawn from Cybernetics and Postcolonial theories. Specifically it focuses on the construction of the historical relationship between Scotland and England through the process of manufacturing myth. By examining the parallels between Cybernetics theory and Postcolonial theory as it is applied to Scottish […]