Drawing Machine

This research project examined the issue of Scottish national identity using a theoretical framework drawn from Cybernetics and Postcolonial theories. Specifically it focused on the construction of the historical relationship between Scotland and England through the process of manufacturing myth. It showed that the relationship with England has played a role in authoring past models of Scottish identity, which can be examined using Cybernetics as a methodology. The research was informed by both an academic and practice-based approach, and was structured around the results of an online pilot survey, and a range of focus groups, exemplifying the Cybernetics nature of the research. My studio practice created autonomous drawing machines from modified and re-purposed children’s toys, drawing upon theories of ‘post-expert’, ‘hacktavism’ and detournement.  Using a system based approach, the machines made drawings which either help visualise some of the Cybernetics theories used in the research, or suggested parallel courses of investigation. More information can be found in another of my articles. Some of the work for this project was made as part of an MRes in Creative practices, information can be found here, and here. And a review of the work can be found in The List, with another in The Herald.

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