Coin Operated Futures

Inspired by books such as Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism (2009), Paul Mason’s Postcapitalism (2016), Naomi Kline’s Shock Doctrine (2008), and even Naom Chomsky’s Profit Over People (1998), ‘Coin Operated Futures’ reflected upon the neoliberal power and the pro-corporation subsystem of allowing the interests of business to dictate global policy making, or simply the actions of […]

Drawing Machine

This research project examined the issue of Scottish national identity using a theoretical framework drawn from Cybernetics and Postcolonial theories. Specifically it focused on the construction of the historical relationship between Scotland and England through the process of manufacturing myth. It showed that the relationship with England has played a role in authoring past models of […]

System Assembly 1.0

This sculptural assembly system was made from two dimensional redwood triangles. The triangles slotted together to create a 3D form. The permutations of the configuration were countless, meaning that each time to form was assembled, the sculpture would take a new and unique shape. To understand the relevancy of this to an art practice, originality, […]

Art of the Matter

Held in Edinburgh’s Urbane Art Gallery, Art of the Matter: Showcased artists that have successfully made use of science and or technology for the making of their work. With technology being found in almost all aspects of our daily lives the parallels between art and science are becoming ever closer. Highlights of this exhibition, which ran […]

Victorian Bar

An interesting project proposal came from Dr Thora Hands recently. She wanted to create a range of photographs that helped to imagine the experiences of Victorian drinkers. Specifically, Dr Thora asked, if the people who propped up bars in the 1870s different from those that frequent pups today? These images step into Victorian pups to […]


ZeroEd, was a pop-up group show held in a vacant office space in St Enoch’s Square in Glasgow. Myself with David Eaton, Jamie Cooper and Ellis Luxembourg displayed a variety of works in response to the Mark Fisher book, Capitalist Realism (2009). A more detailed analysis of the research method can be read here.

Random Grid Generator

These images were produced by firstly cutting up photographs of the work, Untitled System Self Assembly, into a number of equal sized squares. The small squares were then arranged into a composition by running a small piece of code I wrote in Processing. The resulting images were digitally printed on to film, and then screen […]